Website Redesign 2020/2021

Roles: UX Researcher, Redesign Team Lead, Information Architecture Designer, Content Designer (Scoping, Wireframing, Copywriting)

For our most recent redesign, I worked collaboratively with a university-wide redesign team. Within their constraints (a specific Drupal set-up and university-wide look and feel guidelines) my own internal Libraries Web Maintenance Team redesigned public-facing libraries content to better meet the specific needs of Libraries users.

Beginning the project with the assistance of our web-interface assigned Programmer, Libraries Project Manager and Communications Librarian, I selected appropriate content owners to provide editorial control over sections of our web content with functional goals outside of my general area of expertise. These included an Archives Editor, a Research and Data Management Services Editor, and a Teaching and Learning Editor. I then asked this editorial team to select assistant editors from librarians with expertise in their content area, and collected a team of 14 Library Assistants from across the system that were interested in developing skills with web content management. With the Libraries Project Manager, I coordinated the workflows of this team, and also worked collaboratively with the existing University of Manitoba IST web migration team. This included working with their UX designer, project managers and coordinators, trainers, and programming team to organize project timelines, training, and workflows.

First steps involved scoping content for platform migration, creating content audit documentation, and ensuring all team members had the necessary training from IST.

After reviewing University-wide content guidelines, I created an information architecture that both fulfilled their requirements and suited the unique user priorities for library webpages.

With this approved, I began drawing up wireframes in figma and creating a process for our Page Builders to follow. Editors, including myself, would create wireframes and copy decks for pages, moving through a prioritized list of pages. Page Builders would take these tools and use them to build pages in Drupal, and Reviewers would review completed pages for clarity, usability, content guideline adherence, and general user experience. Page Builders would read these notes and integrate them (or not, with justification), before final Editorial approval and page publishing.

a screenshot of a page hub for accessibility services, with menus visible.
Example image of a final page.

This redesign will launch in full in Spring/Summer 2021.