Website Redesign 2015/2016

Roles: UX Researcher, Redesign Team Lead, Information Architecture Designer, Content Designer (Scoping, Wireframing, Copywriting, Graphics & Image Prep), UX Designer

Shortly after arriving at the University of Manitoba Libraries, I led a sorely needed redesign of the Libraries website. For this initial redesign I was supported by a team of the library front-end programmer, two dedicated project-based library assistants, and a part-time public service library assistant. We were both redesigning the website and migrating content management systems to LibGuides, as the University was using an outdated CMS and the University-wide replacement was a few years away from being chosen.

A screenshot of a website built in red dot, with very small text, too many links, and little visual appeal.
The University of Manitoba Libraries website circa 2014.

In addition to redesigning web architecture and rewriting much of our public facing web content, I proposed a new help hub of tutorial information for users, which (once approved) was supported by several volunteer public service librarians, who followed my content guidelines and developed instructional scripts and video recordings.

First steps to redesign involved conducting extensive UX research into user needs, scoping content for platform migration, creating content audit documentation, and training all of my support staff in project workflows and content guidelines. I then created an overall information architecture reference, and began to wireframe and build pages in the LibGuides platform.

The results of this redesign can be viewed here.