2017 Goals & Year in Review: the Good, the Bad, the Undone

The Goal Report Exercise for half an hour 104 times I did it! Finally! After carrying the goal forward multiple times! I had a total of 109 half an hour or longer exercise sessions in 2017. I tracked them with stickers on the calendar and the stickers fill me with embarrassing pride. Take swimming lessons… Continue reading 2017 Goals & Year in Review: the Good, the Bad, the Undone

Looking Back – 2016

Before I enter the nostalgia zone, let’s check in on my goals from last year. Strikethroughs mean I did the thing, italics mean I failed like a doof, bold is commentary: complete the remedial schoolgirl package NOPE buy a jump rope, learn to jump rope (jump continuously for thirty seconds)didn’t even get to the buying a… Continue reading Looking Back – 2016

Looking Back – 2015

2015 was busy busy busy. As a result, I’ve decided to start making post summaries of my year each January, because I realized I could barely remember everything from the last twelve months NOW, and pretty soon I’m going to be like my grandma and going “DID THE CAT MOVE IN IN ‘14 OR ‘16″ and my friends… Continue reading Looking Back – 2015