Shit That Was Big In My Books 2017 – Watchin Stuff

Stuff that didn’t necessarily come out in 2017, but was definitely new to me and the highlight of MY 2017. Summer Wars An anime film I hadn’t seen yet with beautiful animation, a fun cyberspace premise, and charming family dynamics – and although I briefly got cheesed off about the sexism in it the female […]

2017 Goals & Year in Review: the Good, the Bad, the Undone

The Goal Report Exercise for half an hour 104 times I did it! Finally! After carrying the goal forward multiple times! I had a total of 109 half an hour or longer exercise sessions in 2017. I tracked them with stickers on the calendar and the stickers fill me with embarrassing pride. Take swimming lessons […]

Accessibility, UX, & LibGuides – The Minimum

The following is adapted from a training session I gave for my workplace’s Hump Day Huddle Up training series. It’s a primer in basic stuff to do to avoid your LibGuides being a hot mess. Accessibility – How to Avoid Being an Ableist Loser Fonts Fonts Fonts* *to be sung to the tune of Motley […]