2020 Goals & Year in Review

I didn’t have a lot of goals this year, because I was still feeling like a huge metaphorical explosion had radically destroyed and rebuilt my sense of self and life. Which it had! Becoming a parent is wild as hell, especially when you’re the carrying parent. On top of my radically different responsibilities, routines, and priorities, I was a mess of post traumatic stress from the birth and wildly fluctuating hormones. They call it the “baby blues” but that is hilariously underselling it, and they also don’t tell you at all about the hormone dips you still experience months out. Did you know if you chest feed you experience a hormone drop that feels a lot like a depressive episode every time your kid eats less than normal? I DIDN’T BUT NOW I DO

This is setting aside the whole pandemic thing, which I’m sure played into my general detachment from Before Mom Me. Good news though, I’ve felt like a human for a few months now! So if you currently do not feel like a human because you grew a life recently, there is hope.

Anyway here’s what I had on the docket!

Goals in 2020

  • Exercise 60 times
    Nah but Kirby likes ring fit so I feel like this year is my yeaaar
  • Apply for Promotion (Again)
    I did! And I’ve been recommended, so here’s hoping the university doesn’t collapse before April 1 2021.
  • go 1 month without ordering food
    I wanted to claim this but I’m prettty sure making marcus walk to the tim hortons counts.
  • Survive going back to work
    Done! AND I figured out working from home in a one bedroom with Herr Froggmeister. Take that!!!

Things that happened:


Yeah I don’t think you guys missed this one. I’ve barely left my house in a year. I own twenty-five cloth masks. And it basically happened overnight in March (spouse tried to tell me it was coming in like February, sorry spouse).

Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing came out at the end of March and I have played it literally almost every day since. Frog baby loves it. I love it. It’s pure and good and an oasis of calm in a sea of what the hell even is my life.

Work from Home Lifestyle

I love working from home. It has its challenges, but I hope I can work from home most of the week going forward – the lack of commute and office interactions means I get way more done, and I get to see my kid so much more. I’m lucky my spouse is a stay at home dad so I can make this work, but it works so well for us. Also I get to see the cute cloth diapers I bought more because I’m home more.

Frog baby turned one

I am so lucky to be her mom.

Ten year anniversary

Ten years of being partnered with my best friend. Fully one third of my life at this point. Wild.

Busted my butt for the union

It was a really rough year to be negotiating a fucking contract my dudes.

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