2019 Goals & Year in Review

  • Exercise 60 times
    • I’m pregnant, between morning sickness and birth recovery there’s gonna be like five months of this year I can’t exercise during

This absolutely did not happen. Pregnancy is hell, and I had an emergency c-section so for a couple months lifting the kid and getting out of bed were Herculean tasks.

  • Apply for promotion

I also did this! Didn’t get it tho. Narts. Will try again in 2020.

  • Teach course with LITA

I did it! I did the thing! And students were complementary which gave me a warm glow.

  • Go one month without ordering food

Lol no feeding myself was hard enough

  • Write 10 things

I think I did this? Pretty sure I did this. Did not publish most tho.

Things that happened:

A lot of puking

I spent the whole first tri and a bit trying not to vomit and being unable to stand upright. My wolverine fetus was strong af.

I turned 30

My mom bought me a sick cake about it while I was home for OLA and trying not to barf.

Got an ultrasound to an Elton John medley

So weird to see the skeleton you are growing inside your own skeleton.

Went to my BIL’s wedding

It was a beautiful wedding and my BIL and his wife are lovely people.

Took the beeb to her first Folk Fest

So one day she can say “I’ve been going to Folk Fest since I was a fetus” to her friends.

A lot more puking

I lucked out in that the last trimester ALSO had a bunch of puking.

Alan & Caitlin came to visit

I was too pregnant to do anything but we felt so lucky and happy to have them.

I had a baby

Well it was a hell of a ride from hmm you have a gallbladder polyp to maybe we should induce for safety to 12-14 hours into labour OH WAIT uh you have HELLP emergency csection and transfusion time to Kirby making a splash entrance amid storms and nonstop beeping at 11:11 AM on August 26th


We created a life. She is Kirby June Warren, and she thinks swaddles with the arms pinned to the chest are for chumps.

8 lbs and 10 ounces! 19.5 long. Mine lorg frog daughter.

I became a love zombie fueled by caffeine

Well she can’t sleep unless she’s on a person, which means I don’t sleep, and I’m so addled and messed up and pretty sure I have some PTSD to process from losing 2L of blood and getting no pain medication for 1.5 days post c-section, and she is so perfect and good and I have a lot to live up to now.

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