2018 Goals & Year in Review

The Goal Report

  • Exercise for half an hour or more 104 times
  • Take a self defense class – nope
  • Learn to drive – I practiced in a car in parking lots and one time on a dirt road, but various health issues meant I couldn’t keep going. Carry it forward!
  • Make at least one game prototype – I made three!
  • Don’t buy myself any clothing
  • Post to le blog 25 Times
  • Only order food in once a month for three months in a row

So, not a great year for goals, but, in my defence, it was very busy!!!

2018 in Review

Went to Our First Live Wrestleshows – Including Seeing Kenny!

Pictures of various wrestlers at a CWE event in Winnipeg – our first live wrestling show.

2018 was the year of our first live wrestling show – and we went to many, many more. Local wrestling is a lot of fun to watch, and luckily in Winnipeg most people in the crowd aren’t the gross kind of fan. We also got to see Kenny Omega, the hometown international star, come and smash cakes and pretend to be an angry bull.

Mom Came with Me to OLA

Mom and Caitlin playing Timeline – with some Mia in the foreground.

I went to OLA for the first time to present a session, and OLA is bananas. Conferences shouldn’t be that big. It was awesome to have my Mom come up to Toronto and hang out with me in my hotel room, though – and to see my Toronto BFFs.

Took My First Research Leave

Screenshot of sample Ren’Py Code.

For my research leave, I forced myself to finally fully learn HTML 5, Javascript, the React framework, and some PHP. I then learned how to use Twine and Ren’Py, and built some game prototypes both coded from scratch and in those platforms. I still feel the need to hide every partially complete thing I made under a rock of shame.


Tina Halladay of Sheer Mag performing at the Park Theatre.

We saw soooo many concerts, but the standouts for me were probably The Horrors in Montreal (see below), the big stadium Slayer tour (with Testament!!!!) and seeing Sheer Mag at the Park Theatre. I have such an aggressive crush on Tina Halladay.

Montreal Trip

A cat mural on St Laurent.

I had to go to Montreal for the Librarian’s Research Institute in June, so I brought the spouse along so he could enjoy the city. On my nights off, we ate poutine, walked St. Laurent, and saw The Horrors completely kill a show at L’Astral. The mix of teenage girls and aging hipsters (I include myself in this) was very funny, all the show could’ve used was some more Real Goths – when the lead singer is the only Real Goth there, I feel like we’ve failed a little.

Second Tattoo

Huginn, Odin’s raven of “thought”, my second tattoo on my collarbone, trap, and neck. Dude has Muninn.

June 2018. I love this tattoo, and I’m honestly thinking of getting the leaves/design extended up on the neck in a couple years. Getting tattooed on my neck was the most painful thing I have ever experienced. Most of my energy went to not instinctively knocking Rich (the tattoo artist) away, and I sweated entirely through one of those clinical office paper cover things during the process.

Finally, The Honeymoon

The view from our tiny cottage in Dalvik, Iceland. I wish I had a photo of Bjarni, our benevolent adorable Icelandic hotelier.

In July we finally bit the bullet and went on our long awaited honeymoon. Iceland was incredible, from the rainy cuteness of Reykjavic to the sunny fjords of the north. Also, Icelandic people by and large have a very chill practicality and dark sense of humour to them, which is a good vibe for a vacation.

First Book Chapter

A screenshot of my final draft acceptance.

This still feels weird.

Visited Home

A picture of my grandma feeding ensure residue to my dog.

In October I had to go back to Ontario for a conference, so we booked vacation time and did family and friend visits beforehand. Kingsley, world traveller dog, flew back with us for what will be his final trip back to Ontario. He was so excited to hang out with everyone, and so were we.

Said Goodbye to Margalo

Margalo and I during her illness.

We lost Margalo this fall. She was a good, furious bunny. I was glad to know her for ten years, and glad I got to be with her and comfort her as she passed.


Alan and Caitlin sent us this cute card of congratulations for our lil dumpling.

Also the reason this is so late: in late December we found out I’m pregnant! Yayyy tiny human!

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