2017 Goals & Year in Review: the Good, the Bad, the Undone

The Goal Report

  • Exercise for half an hour 104 times
    • I did it! Finally! After carrying the goal forward multiple times! I had a total of 109 half an hour or longer exercise sessions in 2017. I tracked them with stickers on the calendar and the stickers fill me with embarrassing pride.
  • Take swimming lessons
    • I totally did this and they fixed my problem (which was not remembering any of the basics of official swim strokes and also being bad at breathing in front crawl) BUT I also was accidentally in the advanced stroke development class and didn’t realize it until like a month in and that was so humiliating that I didn’t attend the rest BUT I accomplished what I wanted from swimming lessons so this still counts as done.
  • Take self defence course 
    • Once again this is being carried over. At least I’m really good at threading my keys in my knuckles? (Update: I have just learned this is in fact not a useful self defence skill. Well.)
  • Finish wedding albums
    • I might do this by the time I die idk.
  • Update blog 25 times
    • Maybe when I’m on research leave this’ll actually get done. Or I’ll just keep wishful thinking about it year after year.

2017 in Review

I Saw My First NHL Game


I may not really care about hockey but this was a crazy people-watching experience, zambonis rule, and the synchronized shovel skating teams during commercials are delightful.

Got a Promotion 


Woooo ranked up

Started Anime Club


My dude and one of our best friends and I  started anime club, where we watch anime and yell at each other about it over text. It is one of my favourite things.

Buncha Protests and Socialist Stuff 


I tried to be more politically active in 2017, because a lot of shitty people were very politically active in 2017, and I may not have been capable of the amount of stuff I wanted to do but I tried and getting out there when you can handle it is better than not.

Trip Back to Ontario to See Family 


Summertime travel with the doggo was super nice and way less stressful than Christmas travel! Even if Ontario is disgustingly muggy.

Hung Out with Will


Speaking of that trip to Ontario, our friend Will came up for the first time and we hung out and watched wrestling and it was rad as heck.

Got My First Tattoo



Took Adult Swimming Lessons


This was a fiasco in many many ways (see above) but I did it and it’s done and after a bunch of practice swimming laps won’t be as humiliating.

Started Strong Friends


I invaded my work friends’ weight lifting duo and they taught me how to lift using the barbell and now we are strong friends.

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