Looking Back – 2016

Before I enter the nostalgia zone, let’s check in on my goals from last year. Strikethroughs mean I did the thing, italics mean I failed like a doof, bold is commentary:

  • complete the remedial schoolgirl package NOPE
    • buy a jump rope, learn to jump rope (jump continuously for thirty seconds)didn’t even get to the buying a rope stage!
    • learn to do a cartwheel successfully tried once and fell over
  • exercise for half an hour 104 times more like 30 times, max
  • take self defense course no but hear me out this one is not my fault, they didn’t offer it at any time during the year except when I was going on strike, i emailed them like three times about it
    • (the one on my campus is called Rape Aggression Defense which… seems really intense to me? couldn’t we call it repelling muggers 101? gonna ask the class leader from security about it) the guy I asked basically said “it’s just what it’s called”
  • update blog 25 times HAHAHAHAHA
  • have an article accepted for publication check and check i did two
  • apply for promotion i applied and they haven’t told me to redo the app so this is super done
  • finish wedding albums and thank you cards this is really depressing
    • okay this may look funny but seriously it might take me all bloody year to do it SERIOUSLY THIS IS SO DEPRESSING
  • eat an entire cheesecake *pops own collar*

2016 in Review:

(once again in chronological – sort of? – order)

I Quit the MLA Board

First I tried to fill in as VP in addition to being the web dude, and in the process learned all about where my burnout line is! Turns out my burnout line is right around 1-2 multi-hour after work meetings every week. I don’t have a photo to memorialize this because failure is shameful (JK it’s because I was going squirrely).

I Voted


Hey our provincial government is a lot more terrible now (I voted for a Lot Less Terrible but what can you do).

Me and a Bunch of My Bros Put on a Conference


The Manitoba Libraries Conference went off pretty well! Fred Penner sang with us. Many people received librarian-kitsch socks. I found this fish sticker in our gross office.

I Started a DnD Game


Ugh nerds. (I play a bard who plays a jug and tries to get all the ladies.)

I Became a Union Representative for the Libraries at UofM!

A colleague nominated me so now I serve on Board of Reps stuff and am a cool guy.

I Played a Lot of Pokemon Go


A real Pokestop in Winnipeg.

Saw Kamasi Washington 


Jaaaaazzz man testifyiin’…

Went to My First Folk Fest


I remain bad at even white girl dancing but Ryan Adams was a good show. Little disappointed there weren’t more overt hippies.

I Cried a Bunch at our Tragically Hip Last Concert Party


They played Scared and hublublublub we love u guys

I Applied for Promotion

And I did it with the paper copy in a very pretty binder that I hope they give back to me (I keep dropping hints around the admin office about this. It’s a very pretty thing, like a watermelon binder.) We find out in April if I’ve leveled up. 

I Went on Strike


Josh Herter made up a song about me titled Strike Captain Warren. It was very much in the style of a Walker Texas Ranger type thing.

I Tried Thermea 

Man do you know what I like better than sitting in hot rooms and then cold water and then warm water over and over again? TURNS OUT NOT MUCH, TURNS OUT THAT IS THE BEST THING THERE IS.

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