Looking Back – 2015

2015 was busy busy busy. As a result, I’ve decided to start making post summaries of my year each January, because I realized I could barely remember everything from the last twelve months NOW, and pretty soon I’m going to be like my grandma and going “DID THE CAT MOVE IN IN ‘14 OR ‘16″ and my friends will be like “Which cat..?” and I’ll be like “YOU KNOW, WITH THE EARS” and everyone will smile and condescendingly say “oh yes mittens” when I have never owned a cat named mittens and never will, and the whole conversation will be ruined. 

Now at least we’ll all have a record so I can say, “that’s right, the cat’s name is Rihanna!”

2015 in Review:

(in chronological – sort of? – order)

I Ran My First Conference Workshop


Sure, it was pretty sparsely attended, but I did it! I taught the thing!

I Visited Australia (for Work, but it Counts)


I liked their ginger beer, fish, and wildlife, did not like the bloke culture, crappy bacon, and baffling fancy dinner practices (apparently it’s normal to just alternate which meal goes to which person, and if you don’t like it you just find someone seated nearby to trade with. I know. I know.)

I Presented at My First International Conference (and Won Best Presentation!)


Photographic evidence of many Real People watching my talk at EBLIP8 in Brisbane.

I Got Official Married


We got married in Assiniboine Park on August 15th, ate some dang hummus, went home, grabbed chicken and french toast at Tallest Poppy, and crammed friends into our un-air-conditioned living room on a day when Winnipeg was literally the surface of the sun.

We Got a New Family Name


To match our new little family. Now I have four names, like a fancy person.



His name is Gregor and he’s a microtechno DJ.

We Received 2 Applicants for the West Broadway Cat Rehoming Agency
AKA My Dang House Apparently


Applicant one showed up at the back door and waited to be let in. She made friends, then promptly went back into heat and completely obliterated rest and quiet in Chez Warren. Her name is Rihanna and she is my tiny, snoring, terrible Queen.


Applicant two, who literally chased my large dog into the house at 7 AM, was the cutest and softest kitten our vet had ever seen. We loved him, but five cats would’ve officially pushed me into Crazy Animal Person territory, so we found him a good home with a friend (and a best friend in one of her existing cats). His name is Ody and he lives like a Prince.

I Presented at CEBLIP in Saskatchewan


It went well, and also there was this solid granola served during the break, I highly recommend USask granola if you are ever in the area.

Purchased Palpatine the PS4


Some people might think this is a weird thing to put on a year end stuff-that-was-important list but those people are out of touch with what really matters.

Visited Family in Ontario for the First Time in Two Years


Ten days was not enough. Although we’d been lucky enough to have visits from most of our parents this year, I still felt rushed and crazy about the whole thing.

Star Wars Was Real Good


Yarp. Real Good.

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